Turbulent global social conditions today mobilize and diversify cultural situations with rapidity. In these circumstances, new approaches of the human sciences are required, whose mission is to capture the dynamics of these transformations precisely, to analyze them strictly, and to feed the results back to the scenes of cultural production.

These intellectual activities should be flexible and strict at the same time, and should not fear being experimental in both theory and practice. Their sphere covers various kinds of cultural phenomena that range from classical genres such as literature, art and philosophy to the contemporary media space composed of television, cinema and information networks, including pop culture.

The Association for Studies of Culture and Representation was founded in 2006 for the purpose of analysing cultural phenomena in general, appearing as “representations” from the standpoint of critical theory and, at the same time, of bridging the gap between academic research in universities and cultural creations in society.

The word “representation” is equivocal. It signifies “re-presentation” or “substitution” in philosophy, “mise-en-scène” or “presentation” in theatre and “delegation” in politics.

We consider this notion of “representation” as a key concept to embody the core to bring together various cultural levels. Our purpose is to treat cultural phenomena not in isolated and static states, but in the moment in which they are generated, distributed and consumed, that is, to analyze the genesis and structures of this space of relationalities where various powers intersect and dynamic political “acts” are performed.

To this end, we engage in the following activities:

1. Organization of annual conventions and meetings

2. Publication of Hyosho: Journal of the Association for the Studies of Culture and Representation and online newsletter REPRE

3. Other activities contributing to attain our ends such as to give support to research related to our field, to initiate and advance contacts with related associations both at home and abroad.

To know more about the purpose of our association and details of our activities, please consult “Remarks upon the Foundation”, “Our Activities” and “Regulations and Committees” (in Japanese only). We welcome your participation to broaden the creative practices of our association in more adventurous and far-reaching way.

Activities in 2022

16th Annual Conference: July 2-3, 2022 ( Tokyo Metropolitan University)
16th Annual Meeting: November 12-13, 2022 (Kansai University)


Membership application

1. Please fill in the application form and send it to the following address.
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Address :
Association for Studies of Culture and Representation
c/o Representation and Culture Course
Department of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies
The University of Tokyo
3-8-1 Komaba, Meguro-ku
153-8902 Tokyo
FAX 03-5454-4336
E-mail repre@repre.org

2.Admission and membership fee

Admission fee: 1,000 yen (Supporting membership : free)

Membership fee:
Regular membership fee: 10,000 yen
Regular membership fee B: 5,000 yen*
Student membership fee: 5,000 yen
Supporting membership fee: 50,000 yen

* Regular membership fee B is applied upon request and approval of the board for person over 75 years old, unemployed or part time worker.

Our bank account:
Mitsui Sumitomo Banking Corporation, Shibuya-ekimae branch (branch No. 234)
Ordinary account, 3685003
Accout owner: Hyousyou bunkaron gakkai jimukyoku daihyou Tanaka Jun

3. Payment and confirmation

3.1. Please transfer the sum total of admission and membership fee to the above-mentioned account. (Unfortunately, we can not cover bank remitting charges.)
3.2. Please inform the office (repre@repre.org) of your payment.
3.3. Completion of the application procedure will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

4. Concerning donations

We welcome contributions from organisations and individuals. Please contact our office.